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Gain Freedom

I work with women who feel trapped by the spiral of negative thoughts and are longing for mental & emotional strength & clarity.  Painful memories, junky things they’ve been told by people, and other negative baggage keeps them stuck in unhealthy patterns that affect everything in their lives.


I work with clients to break out of those lies through a technique that gets to the roots, so they can move forward feeling stronger and free, living out an abundant life and purpose.  


What does a session look like?

A session is spent in conversation and questions as I guide you through simple techniques that create breakthrough.



  • deeply connect with what you want 

  • clear out what's keeping you from that

  • embrace new positive ideas

  • identify any action steps


Think of it like an emotional surgery.  

There's an emotional block that's keeping you unhealthy.  We identify and gently remove the block to get you moving forward again to live out your exceptional purpose.  

An Example

Someone I had the privilege to walk to freedom was a client who wanted clarity and direction on what her purpose was in a new season of life.  Through our session she discovered that things she had been told as a young adult had kept her stuck in thinking she was "too much."  Once we broke through that block new thoughts and action steps came to her mind .  She felt confident and was able to take steps forward in launching a business.  


Your first step to experience this freedom is to book a free 15 minute Discovery session with me where we will discover what you really want and how to get there.  



Hi, I'm Briana, 

Transformation Coach-

I help you break free from the negative head trash that keeps you stuck.

After experiencing trauma, physical pain from pent up emotions, depression and anxiety I know what it's like to feel stuck.  The technique I use with clients, Aroma Freedom, broke the log-jam and helped me find emotional solid ground. 

I love watching my clients become warriors for themselves as they fight and win over the negative. 

I will be your guide, so you can fully and freely be who God designed you to be, living out your purpose and mission.


Each session ends with an affirmation which encompasses the work that was accomplished (aka:  goal met!).  

I take my client's affirmation and create a graphic that's specific to them so they can have quick access to their accomplishment.  

Below you'll find some client affirmations.  

"I got more out of my call with you than I have gotten out of 3 years with my therapist!  I cannot thank you enough!"


"I was feeling fear and anxiety regarding a speaking engagement.  After just a few moments in our session I felt this overwhelming peace come over me.  Can't recommend this enough!"


“I have been so encouraged since our session.”


"Because of the work we've done I feel empowered and ready to move on from my divorce."


“Aroma Freedom is mind blowing. Because of our work together I am experiencing healing in areas I thought were hopeless."


"I've lost weight since our work around sugar cravings- I don't need that before bed snack anymore!"



Contact Me

Your first step is to book a free 15 minute Discovery Session where we quickly discover what your goals are and how to get there.  


I look forward to working with you! 


© 2020 by Briana Horlings 

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