You have experienced pain and heartbreak, but you are not broken.  

Forgiveness is possible, you just haven't had this method that works.

The burden in your heart can be lifted.  


A New Approach

The method I use with clients is called Aroma Freedom. 


It blends modern neuroscience + therapeutic techniques + ancient aromatherapy to quickly and gently identify and release painful memories, giving way to new perspectives and ideas. 


Aroma Freedom quite literally unlocks previous negative responses, dissolves them and allows the person to forgive, move on and experience freedom.  

Unlock Forgiveness

I help women unlock forgiveness so they can finally let go of the burden they've been carrying and move on to live a life of freedom and joy.  


“I realized after working with Briana that what used to trigger me in my marriage now doesn't. 

I'm not bringing 20 years of hurts into one moment."

Laura* in Michigan

*All client names have been changed on this website to protect their valuable privacy.


Briana Horlings


I delight in compassionately equipping my clients in their unique circumstances and care.  


I warmly partner with you to gain clarity in your current challenges and experience breakthroughs in healing.  

Meet At Home

We can work together from wherever you live via Zoom.  All aromatherapy materials are mailed to you in advance. 

You just need a comfortable, quiet spot.

Pillow and Blanket on Couch

Let's Meet

Take a step toward forgiveness today and book a session.  

Live a life of freedom and joy. 

I look forward to talking with you.  


“Aroma Freedom was the key in helping me truly forgive and release the burden.  I feel lighter and more free."

Brook* in Canada