We can work together from wherever you live via Zoom.  All aromatherapy materials are mailed to you in advance.  You just need a comfortable, quiet spot with a good internet connection.  I always recommend having a journal and tissues close by.  and a notebook or journal can be helpful.  

What to expect

Sessions are filled with conversation, questions that I pose to you, recalling memories, identifying feelings and smelling essential oils.  


Sharing your story with another person can feel a little wary.  With Aroma Freedom, sharing explicit details of feelings or memories that surface are not required for this technique to be successful. Whatever level of sharing you choose is welcome, and whatever level of privacy you wish to maintain is honored.  I simply hold a safe and affectionate space for you.  


Many clients receive the shift they are looking for after one session and others choose to continue beyond just one session.  It just depends on your preference and goals. 


Young Living brand* essential oils are key to the Aroma Freedom technique and used in all sessions:  Frankincense, Lavender, Stress Away, Inner Child, Release, and Believe.  


Additional oil blends from Young Living may be utilized in our sessions, but are not needed.  


Single-use packets can be mailed to you in advance of your appointment for a $5 materials fee, or we can coordinate acquiring your own collection of oils at wholesale pricing for use with Aroma Freedom and beyond.


*This specific brand is authorized for use with Aroma Freedom due to its trusted purity and safety, and proven effectiveness of the blends to transform and release negative emotions. When you deeply inhale an essential oil it is absorbed into your brain which is a very sensitive organ; it is important to make sure you are not inhaling oils that may have hidden solvents, synthetic constituents, or pesticides. 


60 Minute Online Session: $80


Discounted rate for students, military and those who work in ministry.  Contact me for details.  


Online Group Sessions:  coming soon

Questions before getting started?  

I'd love to connect-  send me an email and ask away or we can set up a time to talk over the phone.  All questions are welcome.  

Take a step toward forgiveness today. 

I look forward to meeting with you.