1st step:  15 minute Free Discovery Session

We will discover where you are now emotionally and where you need some breakthroughs.  I'll ask you, "If we could wave a magic wand and get what you really want in a month what would it look like?"  Then, I'll reveal how we'll get there.  

Price: Free

Boost Session

This is quick reset session when you just need an emotional boost.  These sessions are great for when you need accomplish something or have a hard conversation.  The quick technique we use gets you feeling stronger and ready for action.

Price: $30, includes oils if needed

Individual Breakthrough Session

You'll experience the most transformation when we meet one on one.  Being able to talk openly enables me to lead you in unearthing your specific barriers and how to overcome them for powerful breakthroughs.  


Price: $70, includes oils if needed

Group Session

I lead other women just like you, step by step through the process.  I can mail you what you'll need and during the session you keep your process to yourself, no need to share anything with the group.

Price: $25, includes oils if needed


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